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QuoEdit とは?

プレーンテキストを扱うエディタ。1,500円のシェアウェア。 AppleScript の機能が豊富。


  • 新規文書 (ウィンドウ) を作成
set theText to "* " & ((current date) as string) & return
tell application "QuoEdit"
	if not (exists front document) then make new document
	if text of front document is "" then
		set theDoc to front document
		set theDoc to make new document
	end if
	set text of theDoc to theText
end tell
  • 単語の数や文字数を数え上げる
tell front document of application "QuoEdit"
	set theText to (selection of it) as string
	if (length of theText) = 0 then set theText to text of it
	display dialog "ワードカウント結果" & return & return & ¬
		"文字数:" & number of every character of theText & return & ¬
		"単語数:" & number of every word of theText & return & ¬
		"段落数:" & number of every paragraph of theText
end tell